Tips about holidays in the Setubal region

Read tips about not-so-known things to do or places to go in the region of Setubal: 

Tip: Going on the direction of the 'Figueirinha' beach you can drive up a mountain and from there you got a beautiful look of the ocean and the coast of Setubal. Perfect for a romantic view at sunset...


Tip: Take your time walking around Praça do Bocage, where the city hall is located. Roads on the edge of this square are all pedestrianized, and there are a number of outdoor cafes where you can enjoy cool breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great spot for some cool pictures.

Tip: If you like seafood, do not forget to try this dish in Setúbal and taste the traditional and delicious cuttlefish (choco). It can be served with ink or without ink. Try it at one of the many restaurants along Luisa Todi Avenue.  

TipLuisa Rosa de Aguiar Todi (1753 - 1833) was a popular and successful Portuguese mezzo-soprano opera singer and the city of Setubal was so proud that named the main boulevard after her. So, Avenida Luisa Todi is a wide boulevard parallel to the Rio Sado where you can feel Setubal coming alive with its many restaurants and activities, while having beautiful views of the river. Perfect for an afternoon walk.


Tip: To cross the river from Setubal to Troia, you need to take the ferry boat. It is a car/passenger ferry that will take around 15 minutes to cross. Go outside and enjoy this beautiful ride through Setubal bay.