Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workshop of Wine Tasting at Hotel do Sado in April

On next 9th and 10th April, Hotel do Sado will have a workshop called Wine Tasting and the speaker will be António Dias de Araújo (GM of Wine Boutique). During this two days, the participants will acquire knowledge concerning to the history of wines, how to select specific wines, conservation process and the wonderful art of serving it.

Hotel do Sado its a charm hotel located in Setubal, Portugal with a wonderful landscapes views for Arrabida Hills and Setúbal Bay. This will be a unique experience and you will have the possibility of Wine Tasting (Reds, Whites, among other types of wines). Get your agenda and take note of this information: 9th April (9:30am/7:00pm) and 10th April (9:30am/3:00pm).

The program includes: Coffee-breaks, Panoramic lunch (9th April) and Gourmet lunch(10th April). For more information concerning to this amazing Workshop of Wine Tasting at Hotel do Sado, feel free to call through hotline 265 542 800 or email :

Saturday, March 26, 2011

International Prize of European Mobility Week 2010 to Almada

Almada won the International Prize of European Mobility Week 2010 given by European Commission which during several months selected the city that deserves this prize.

Almada won the prize and take it home, leaving behind 2221 cities that also entered this European Competition. Almada is well known by his beaches at Costa da Caparica, 3 golf courses, kitesurf, surfing , bodyboard, tennis, among other activities, Parks, Museum and the fragate D. Fernando nowdays located at Cacilhas.

We, at Portugal Dream Coast are proud to have the first portuguese city that receives 1 million tourists to visit only Christ The King. Almada, is also the land of Luis Figo, the ex-international player with a career on Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Sporting.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

European Championships 2011 in Comporta

The European Championships of Children 2011 will be at Comporta . The Categories under 14 (Children), under 18 (Juniors) and under 21 (Young Riders) will be in competitiojn during 7 days in July.

With 4 months of distance, just after Atlantic Tour 2011 Comporta will receive this biggest event on the Setubal Region. The organization estimates 300 riders and the equivalent number of horses during the European Championships.

With amazing landscapes at Portugal Dream Coast, Comporta is a wonderful place to your next summer vacations, with excellent conditions. If you have your summer vacations in July, besides the European Championship you have also amazing beaches, museums, Roman Ruins, Water Sports like Surf or kitesurfing, Golf and much more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Festival of Cheese, Bread and Wine at Palmela

Quinta do Anjo, located in Palmela at Portugal Dream Coast will be the centre of the gourmet tasting during 3 days in April. ARCOLSA (Ass. Regional de Criadores de Ovinos Leiteiros da Serra da Arrabida), with the support of Palmela City Hall organized the Festival of Cheese, Bread and Wine.

During this days, in Quinta do Anjo / Palmela at Portugal Dream Coast will be possible to learn how is made the production of the local cheese. You can visit also the Ovelheira Museum and participate on several educational and recreational activities during the time of the event.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Light a Candle on Planet Hour at Hotel do Sado

Hotel do Sado is organizing an amazing event where you can light some candles on the next 26 March at 9.30. The origin? The amazing green idea is called Earth Hour and the goal is join people, companies and countries to power off the light during one hour to save the planet reducing the impact of climate changes.

In Setubal, on Portugal Dream Coast, Hotel do Sado thought that was a great idea to join forces with WWF and organize a magnificent dinner with candlelights, producing and envolving it in romance besides energy savings.

Be present, call now the hotline (+351) 265542800 or send an email to Come and light a candle for the Planet!

Monday, March 21, 2011

30 days of Atlantic Tour 2011

Atlantic Tour 2011 at Comporta in Portugal Dream Coast ended! Herve Godignon riding Carolus Z leaves Portugal with the biggest prize money of 26.000 € of a total of 375.000 €.

Herve Godignon (Olympic bronze Medal in 1992, Barcelona) won the CSI 4* after a 30 days event with more than 200 riders from 20 different countries and more than 400 horses.

During the stay of all this people at this equestrian event, was possible to find them on restaurants near beach or on the hotels of the Comporta / Troia area. Till next time, we believe that Atlantic Tour will be bigger and event better on 2012 edition.

Love to Cook? We have 2 new recipes!

We add two new recipes to Portugal Dream Coast website . Portugal is a country of fish (sea or river) and you can taste amazing dishes at Setubal Region.

Besides the food, you will find also amazing Wines, Honey, Cheese and of course natural landscapes to relax. The recipes we put today online are : Mullets with Liver Sauce and Eel Stew . Portugal Dream Coast, is rich in dishes diversity. Taste it, you will love because Portuguese food is amazing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Opera on Teatro Municipal de Almada

Next week on Sala Experimental of Teatro Municipal de Almada, more precisely on 26th March, at 9:30. "Opera" is inspired on Henry Purcell work, with the conception and interpretation of Maria Duarte and Tiago Guedes.

If you are in Almada, you can visit the D. Fernando Fragate or the Sanctuary of Christ the King, which they are open during all year. Besides this monuments, if you are in Almada during the day, go to the beaches at Costa da Caparica and relax with the sea view.

You can take your kids above 12 years old to Opera and has a total running time of 55 minutes. Culture, Monuments, Beaches, Restaurants, Sea view, all at Portugal Dream Coast.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Setubal Downtown

Setubal is the capital of Portugal Dream Coast, here is a small video of the downtown, talking about social, local, history. Setubal is amazing!

Thanks to Setubal City Hall contribution.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lúcia Moniz will perform in Sesimbra

Lúcia Moniz returns with "Fios de Luz" and will perform at Cineteatro Municipal João Mota in Sesimbra, 2nd April at 9:30pm. “Leva-me p´ra casa” ,“Dizer Não” and “Try Again “ are musics well know of the public that will be played by Lucia Moniz.

Besides the musical career, Lucia Moniz is also actress well know in Portugal from Movies and TV shows where she had excellent reviews of her participation. Sesimbra will have a great gig forsure.

Father´s Day, come to Hotel do Sado

Tradition says that the Father´s Day is spent with family. The children are happy and demonstrate the affection to their father´s. Hotel do Sado developed a event special to you and your family for the next Father´s Day on 19th March. A meal with a fabulous Cataplana of Fish, Meat and Green salad . The desert? An amazing Heart Chocolate with red fruits.

Besides this moment you can see amazing landscapes, between the green of Arrabida Hills and the blue of the Sado. The weather will be wonderful (according the forecast ) to be a on the terrace with your family.

Gardens of Setubal

Setubal has amazing gardens and parks around the city. Gardens and Parks like : Jardim do Bonfim, Parque Verde da Bela Vista, Parque Urbano de Albarquel, Parque da Algodeia, Parque de Vanicelos, Jardim General Luís Domingos, Parque da Lanchoa, Jardim Camilo Castelo Branco just to mentioned a few are wonderful for Tourism and Habitants to stay a while and have relaxing moments. Take a look on the video

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carlos Mendes on Teatro Municipal de Almada

Carlos Mendes is known artist in Portugal on music, cinema and TV Shows. On the next 26 March will perform at Teatro Municipal of Almada at 9.30pm .

Songs like "Alcácer que vier", "Lisboa meu amor" or even "Amélia dos olhos doces" are the most powerfull songs from this composer and musician. Awarded several times, won the National Eurofestival in 1968 and 1972. Carlos Mendes has a great voice, don´t miss.

Pop dell’Arte on Centro de Artes de Sines

They celebrate 25 years old and 15 since the last album of originals. Pop Dell'Arte are one of the most portuguese mythical bands on the scene.

On the next 25 March they will perform at Centro de Artes de Sines at 10 pm to present "Contra Mundum" album which had nice reviews on the portuguese press. Pop Dell'Arte is a quintet with João Peste, Paulo Monteiro, Zé Pedro Moura, Nuno Castedo and Eduardo Vinhais.

Consider to visit Sines, visit the castle, walk on the center of this Atlantic Ocean city.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shane Breen and Ahmed Darrhar won at Atlantic Tour 2011

During the last week, on the Atlantic Tour 2011 (the third week) Shane Breen and Ahmed Darrhar get away of their competitors with 0 points and excellent results on the time to make course.

Shane Breen won on the time delayed 1.25/1.30 (7 years) and Ahmed Darrhar on Table A against the clock , 1.15/1.25 (6 years). Antonio Portela Carneiro won on time delayed , 1.15/1.20 (5 years old) and Vitor Frias on Table A against the clock with Jump-off , 1.15/1.25 (6 years).

On Friday at Comporta, the organization made the official party of Atlantic Tour 2011 at Comporta, with the riders and organization members. This was the third week of the event, which will end on 20 th March. Check more results on : Shane Breen and Ahmed Darrhar are winning on Atlantic Tour 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Setubal to the world, Hands on Approach

Hands on Approach , a world music band that released the 5th Album called "High and Above". Rui David , Sérgio André Mendes, João Luís and João Coelho) are back with the High and Above tour 2011 .

Stronger than ever, they released already three wonderful singles called "Days of Our Own", "High and Above" and "Black Tears" (feating Ana Free). This year, Hands on Approach (website Facebook) celebrates 15 years of career since Rui David was singing and playing when a DJ contact him to play live on a radio show. "Blown", "Moving Spirit", "Groovin´on Monster´s Eye-balls” and "10 anos – Casino Figueira" are the previous debut albuns releases.

On 7th May, Hands on Approach will play on Casino de Troia at 10.30pm , and YOU can buy tickets online through Ticketline, Worten, Fnac and Casino de Troia. Another amazing gig at Portugal Dream Coast.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kitesurf, a surface water sport with 7 hotspots

On Peninsula of Setubal you have amazing places to practise Kitesurf, what is this ?

Kitesurf you move through surface water with the help of kiteboard and the win. The result is a good speed and wonderful jumps.

Nowdays the record of velocity belongs to Rob Douglas in October 2010, with the a wind power speed of 55,65 knots. Check out more information of the Seven hotspots of Kitesurf on Setubal Region .

We have nice weather during all year for the international riders, that believe that will come more often to our kitesurf hotspots.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Tour 2011 at Herdade Barroca D’Alva

During this March, besides Atlantic Tour 2011 on Comporta, we have also the Spring Tour 2011 at Herdade Barroca D’Alva . This event, located on a historic Herdade of Barroca D'Alva is on Alcochete with a presence of several good riders in competition.

Started on last wednesday and it has the presence of Australian rider Clayton Fredericks and Spanish riders like Esteban Benitez, Manuel Senra, Marta Botim Naveda among others. This is an international contest for the CIC of one and two stars.

With excellent access by road to Lisbon through Vasco da Gama Bridge or to Spain, the location is amazing and beautiful landscapes of the Tejo estuary, where you can find flamingos . Good luck to all riders of Spring Tour 2011 on this event in the Portugal Dream Coast.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Museum of Cheese in Azeitao

With more than 60 years of activity, Quinta Velha is well known in the region by the production of cheese and butter based on sheep milk. Amazing tasty cheese is the start for a voyage of dreams, landscapes, colours of Natural Park of Arrabida.

Nowadays, the Museum of Cheese presents several activities that visitors can participate from Monday till Friday or weekend and holidays by schedule. Check plus information on Museum of Cheese in Azeitao .

Azeitao, is known for its red wine, olives and creamy sheeps cheese, the latter prized as one of the best in the country, Azeitao also features some of the finest quintas (villas or country estates) in the region.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winners of Carnival at Troia Casino Contest

We have already the 20 winners of the contest Party Double O´Seven at Casino de Troia . After four amazing days receiving your answers and announcing the winners day after day at the Portugal Dream Coast Facebook Fanpage, we made a compilation of all winners and wrote a brief note on the website.

Don´t miss, we have listed the 20 winners of the Double Tickets for this amazing party plus 20% voucher discount on the SPA of Troia Design Hotel . Check it at Winners of Carnival at Troia Casino Contest .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Answer, Relax and Get a Double Ticket for Double O´Seven Party

We are giving away 20 double tickets (20 € per ticket/person) on the Contest with Casino of Troia . What do you need to do ? Simple, check the video on Portugal Dream Coast and answer to a simple question using the form on the page.

Besides the 20 double tickets for the Double O´Seven party at Casino de Troia, we will also add 20% discount on the excellent SPA of Troia Design Hotel . Yes ! An amazing offer, you need to relax on this weekend and this, is a fantastic oportunity! This SPA is the unique mentioned for the World Luxuary SPA Awards 2011. What are you waiting for ? Apply now!

Brief conversation with Martina Hingis at Atlantic Tour 2011

Yeah! It was a great feeling to speak with Martina Hingis on Troia, concerning to Atlantic Tour 2011 and Setubal region. The rider loves the region and she is happy to return to a place that makes she feels great.

Martina Hingis was on the Atlantic Tour 2009 also and she knows well the region, food, wines, beaches, tourism, golf courses were keywords on the conversation. Thanks for this moment and good luck on the competition of this year.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Casa Agricola Assis Lobo is an Award Producer of Setubal

Born in 1951, Casa Agricola Assis Lobo is located on Palmela village is celebrating 60 years of activity on the national and international wine market . Produces Red, White, Rose and Moscatel amazing wines which won international awards special in Viena and London International Contests.

Unique brands of wine, the vineyard has 60.000 square meters to produce and collect the best grapes to this amazing nectar of gods. Plus information on 13 wine international prizes of Casa Agricola Assis Lobo .