Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sant´Iago Fair in Setúbal

Sant´Iago Fair in Setúbal is almost ready to start. From 23 July till 7 August in Manteigadas, will be an event with lots of music, activities, exhibitions , local products, portuguese traditions, among many other things you can do.

Last year the organization sold more than 360.000 tickets to people from all world that were in Setúbal during summer vacations and local residents. The major bands to play during this year are Tony Carreira, Homens da Luta and from Setúbal Hands on Approach. Organized by Municipality of Setúbal and Associação Parque Sant’Iago, soon we will put available to you all the information concerning to dates and hours of the music events, once that all the rest of the activities are during the 16 days of the event.

Travel and visit Setúbal, you must be at the biggest annual fair of the country : Sant´Iago Fair .

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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The EventMaker is an innovator in the area of global event management business, from conception to implementation.

With several years of experience that made in Portugal and special in Setúbal amazing institutional events, branding and participate on the major music festivals during Summer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wild Dolphins are amazing when you visit Setúbal

We love Wild Dolphins ... in fact, we preserve the nature that was fantastic with Setúbal that give us amazing waters of the Sado River and Atlantic Ocean. Nowdays, when you visit Setúbal and you make a boat trip, have the amazing opportunity to see this family, somewhere between Arrabida, Troia, Setúbal. Take a look on the Flickr gallery we made, we hope you enjoy it!

Friday, June 17, 2011

How many Tortas de Azeitão do YOU wish ?

Tortas de Azeitão is a product originally from Azeitão (has the name says) but is already exported to several countries worldwide. We leave you with some amazing photos from Fábrica de Tortas Azeitonense. Less words and wonderful images.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FINA Setúbal 10 Km World Cup 2011

On the next weekend it will happen another biggest and spectacular event called FINA Setúbal Bay 10 km World Cup 2011 on Al. Promoted by Municipality of Setúbal will have several European, Worldwide and Olimpic champions in competition. T

Thomas Lurz and Angela Maurer (both from Germany9 , Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria), Olga Beresnieva (Ukraine) and Gianniotis Spyridon (Greece) will compete on this World Cup competition to be the first. Portugal will have also athlete´s , their names are : Daniela Pinto and Arniy Lavrentyev. Besides the event, if you travel to Setúbal you have several activities during the day till FINA´s Setúbal Bay World Cup.

During the day it will be present Natalie Du Toit ( South Africa, Awarded at Laureus Awards ), the Paralympic Sport Athlete. Natalie Du Toit is the unique athlete that participate on Olimpic and Paralympic taking the Flag Federation of his country. Schedules Event

Schedules for FINA Setúbal Bay World Cup 2011 on 18 June, Albarquel Parque:

10:30am - Promotional competition of 2,5 kms
12:00am - Awards Ceremony of Promotional Competition
03:00pm - Music with BelaBatuke, a percussion group of students
04:15pm - Parade with Swimming Federations and Athlete´s.
04:30pm - Fina Setúbal Bay 10 km World Cup 2011
07:30pm - Awards Ceremony FINA Setúbal Bay World Cup 2011

See you in Setúbal on next Saturday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tourists that travel to Setúbal Region and visit Azulejos de Azeitão

Tourists in a Workshop at Azulejos de AzeitãoAzulejos de Azeitao, Stretch the clayAzulejos de Azeitão, processAzulejos de Azeitão, ProcessMethod of Tile making at Azulejos de AzeitaoJapanese Tourist at Azulejos de Azeitão United States , Private Home made by Azulejos de AzeitãoBacalhoa Palace, 1940 - Azulejos de AzeitãoCaravels , Azulejos de AzeitaoTiles , Jar , XVIII Century, by Azulejos de AzeitãoComenda Palace, 1940, Landscape view from Comenda PalaceUnited States of America, Southampton , Private home, made by Azulejos de Azeitão United States of America, Private Home, Made Bt Azulejos de AzeitãoTiles from Bacalhoa - Azulejos de AzeitãoTiles from Bacalhoa XVI Century - Azulejos AzeitaoTourists learning the method process of TilesBorn a new Moorish tile

Azulejos de Azeitão uses the European traditional methods of tile making and reproduces antique design from European countries like France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and other , but also Islamic and Chinese.

We made an amazing photo gallery with several pictures from Azulejos de Azeitão with tourists from Germany, France, Spain working on their own draws and using their senses to discover the traditional method of production of company.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Setúbal Music Festival a gallery on Flickr

Music Festival of Setubal, logoPrivate School : Rumo Ao SucessoYouth Chorus of Luisa Todi AcademyLa BatallaChoirs QuartetLa Batalla Youth and Municipality ChorusRegional Conservatory of SetubalNature ParadeNature Show , SetúbalNature Show , SetúbalNature Show , Setúbal

Still concerning to the Setúbal Music Festival, we are sharing with you one gallery that we made on FLICKR.

Setúbal Music Festival was organized by Setúbal Municipality and Helen Hamlyn Trust. The festival director was Ian Ritchie (also director on City of London Festival). We hope you like it and feel free to comment.