Friday, May 27, 2011

Today and Tomorrow at Setúbal Music Festival

This weekend will be amazing with the Setúbal Music Festival during 3 days, that started today at 10:30am at Luisa Todi Avenue with the Parade Nature of Setúbal . At afternoon, Songs from Setúbal will be played at Anunciada Auditorium and the major act of the day goes to the Music in the Court of King. D. Denis, The Troubatour King (1261 - 1325) at Convento de Jesus in Setúbal.

Tomorrow , Songs of the World (Salão Nobre Paços do Concelho, 10h30), The Portuguese Guitar and the Lusophone World Jungle Planet (Coreto, Av. Luisa Todi, 12am), Songs of Setúbal (Auditório José Afonso, 6pm) and the amazing Gulbenkian Chorus at 9pm on the Church São Julião.

The Setúbal Music Festival will end on Sunday, check the schedules here. Last show will be be played J.S.Bach Suite nr1 in G Major, Takemitsu Toward the Sea and Gareth Farr Kembang Suling - Three Skectches of Asia , with Pedro Carneiro (born in Azeitão).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casa Agricola Assis Lobo participates on Italian International Contest

Casa Agricola Assis Lobo (wine producer from Palmela) is present among other portuguese producers at the 10th edition of the International Wines Contest "La Slexione Del Sindaco" on the amazing cities of Benevento and Torrecuso , Italy.

During the next weekend, will be announced the winners and we hope that Casa Agricola Assis Lobo bring an award to Palmela and Setúbal Region . They have 2 wines in competition. Lobo Mau 2007 and Lobo Mau 2008 . More information concerning to Casa Agricola Assis Lobo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Events of Navy Day in Setúbal (Update)

Today on Commemorations of Navy Day in Setúbal has several events. At 10pm, Church S. Julião , conducted by the bishop of Setúbal. Later, at 11:30am military cerimony at Av. Jaime Rebelo, near Port of Setúbal with a parade.

At 0:45pm , several exercises of capacities of Portuguese Navy and later at 4pm a Naval Parade on the Rio Sado and Setúbal Bay waters, with six ships and the presence of the brand new navy submarine class Trident.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Setúbal Music Festival Competition / 20 Free Tickets

We have a new contest concerning to Setúbal Music Festival that will start on the next 27th May till 29th May. It all started with a challenge made by Ian Ritchie (Artistic Director of the Festival and also director of City of London Festival) that aims to perpetuate this amazing event.

Portugal Dream Coast and Municipality of Setúbal has a challenge for you, an interesting competition that you only need to answer to 4 simple questions . We have 20 free tickets to give!

Calendar of the event : Competition | 27th May | 28th May | 29th May

Hotel do Sado Business & Nature **** Painting Exhibition

On next 28th May at 6 pm Hotel do Sado Business & Nature **** and Alexandra Silva (painting artist) will present the work “Mais me Visto, mais te dispo”. The exhibition will be present during several days and its another initiative from Hotel do Sado Business & Nature **** .

In the past organized several events ( Photography, Business events, commemorative days, Hour of Planet, among others) and it will have lots more. Hotel do Sado Business & Nature **** will serve a Moscatel wine, to celebrate the success of this exhibition.

Come to Setubal and make your reservation at Hotel do Sado, during this weekend, see the exhibition and relax wonderful moments between the amazing green landscape of Arrabida and the blue landscape of Sado River. Event location : Lat: +38.530588 | Long: -8.902057.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Activities at Setubal Region

As usual, this weekend on the Setubal Region we will have lots of activities to make, for several tastes. If you travel do Setúbal, you can choose between Speleology, Canoeing at Praia do Ribeiro de Cavalo , Birdwatching, Surf, Scuba Diving, Hiking and others.

Different points to start your preference. If you like Scuba Dive, Sesimbra is your best option, with several companies to help you out through the almost 30 points to scuba dive. You have a visibility till 18 metres on this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

You love Speleology ? Great! On 21st May, it will take place in the morning period a tour to Lapa do Fumo cave. Located at Natural Park of Arrábida , it is near Sesimbra and shows vestiges of human habitation during Paleolithic Era.

You are a lover of Nature, on Saturday ( 21st May) you can participate on birdwatching , nature and other kind of animals at Peninsula de Setúbal.

You are a gastronomy lover? Amazing, we have three days special for you at Azeitão, a event called "Traditions, Tastes and Aromas of Azeitão". Here it will be possible to make a winner tour at José Maria da Fonseca Caves with wine tasting and taste the amazing cheese, wines, honey and participate on the traditional games, workshops, thematic Parade, see the street theater.

At Setubal you have the commemorations of Navy Day at Setúbal, with several events happening since 14th May till 22th May, you have during this weekend the Orchestra of Navy and a Ship Parade on the Sunday, among other activities.

The region of Setubal is surrounded by stunning blue and green landscapes, travel here and let yourself emerge in the ocean of tranquility that the region of Setubal offers you. You just need to choose your accomodation, gastronomy and activities (Facebook Portugal Dream Coast Activities) you like. Travel to Setubal, we are waiting you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Commemorations of Navy Day in Setúbal

Happening today is the commemorations of Navy Day in Setúbal. Since last 14th May till 20th you have an amazing exhibition of Naval force at Casa da Baía (open last weekend, with an amazing success) and on Largo José Afonso you have two simulators used by Navy for training.

The simulators are of the helicopter Lynx and ships. During this days, you can also make climbing at Largo José Afonso, scuba baptism and practise airsoft (category of paintball).

From 19th to 22th May, you can visit several naval units anchor on the Port of Setúbal and make a tour on fast boats intervention. Travel do Setúbal, it is a city of several events and activities.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traditions, Tastes and Azeitão Aromas

From 20th till 22nd May it will happen an amazing event in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, with wine tasting, regional products and tasty food. This event is called "Tradições, Sabores e Aromas de Azeitão" (translation : "Traditions, Tastes and Azeitão Aromas").

Between conversations of the taverns and rural life, its the 2nd edition organized by Junta Freguesia S. Lourenço with the support of Municipality of Setúbal. Music, traditional games, workshops and thematic parade´s, its activities that you will have besides Street Theater called "O Manel da Horta e suas Marias na Taberna do Jacinto", "Árvores, verdes Árvores" and "Espanta-pardais".

This event will have guided tours to Home-Museum José Maria da Fonseca, with Wine tasting during the three days of the event. You should make a reservation through hotline 212199930.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another biggest event made by Eventmaker

Eventmaker, a portuguese company into institucional meetings, conventions, congress, seminars, products releases, Motivational and Team Building activities had recently an amazing event with the organization of “Os Dias do Desenvolvimento 2011” for IPAD – Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento.

During two days (5th and 6th May) the company that usually make organize events on Peninsula of Setúbal for their customers had a gigant organization and the work made couldn´t be better. Besides the events made in the past in the region (special in Palmela, Setúbal and Tróia), they are making events all over the place in Portugal , depending the specifications of their customers and goals.

You have to organize an event? You should get in touch with Eventmaker.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

AWC Vienna 3 years, its Assis Lobo Doc Palmela

Assis Lobo Casa Agrícola has several wines but today we make a reference ot Assis Lobo Doc Palmela . It’s a red wine produced on 2004 that get older during 12 months in deposit plus 12 months in the bottle.

They produced 100 hl and It’s a wine of great concentration. Purplish red colour with a intense flavours of red fruits and spices. To taste this amazing wine, we advice a temperature of 18º Celsius degrees preferable with a dish of meat or a strong flavor cheeses.

The vineyard has a total of 60 hectares and produces amazing wines. This company has international recognition with a total of 13 awards, specially on AWC Vienna (2006, 2007, 2008 – Silver Medal) for this wine.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Electric Skateboards, funny and green relax at BiGPlanet

For participants or just for the curious, for those who like to walk through city and even on the field you should try a skateboard with an electric motor.

These electric skateboards work with a remote control assisted by an integrated braking system. With a word design and electric propulsion, take 3-4 hours to charge the battery (depending of the model). The are are four different products, that have a different range and speed, which can vary from 13 km to 25 km autonomy and from 15 km/h at 30 kms/h in terms of speed.

Love Skate ? You will love and Electric Skateboard. This products, contributes for a green environment and you can see them on BiGPlanet on the capital of Portugal Dream Coast , Setúbal.

BiGPlanet has also electric motos, electric cars and bycicles. They were recently at Mobi-E , with an amazing participation and actions where people could participate in Setúbal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Navy Day in Setúbal

The Arrival of Vasco da Gama Armada to Celecute will be celebrated in the city of Setúbal through the "Navy Day". Between 14th and 22nd May, Setúbal will ahve lots of events in the city in several places.

Largo José Afonso will have a fun space where people can interact with several aspects of military life in the Navy. The participants will have the opportunity to command a ship and event fly a Lynx Helicopter through an instaled simuator special for this occasion.

At Casa da Baía, it will have a exposition concerning to Portuguese Navy Activities. It will be possible to learn a lot more of the operational, cultural and scientific areas of the Navy.

On Auditório José Afonso, during May 20th, you can participate on the show that will play the Band of Portuguese Navy. At last, but not least, during 22nd May several events on the city of Setúbal , like : Church event of suffrage of Military, Military ceremony, skills demonstration at Sado River and a Marine Parade. The Navy Day in Setúbal will give you a chance to learn and participate on the Navy life.

Monday, May 9, 2011

XI Wines Contest of Península of Setúbal

On the next 17th May, will be decided the prizes of XI Wines Contest Peninsula of Setúbal. The jury decided on 3rd May the evaluation and classification of red, white and rose wines of Península of Setúbal and the next stage will be evaluate and classificate the White wines, red wines, sparkling category DO Palmela and Setúbal fortified Wines and Moscatels Roxo.

Besides Gold and Silver Medal, it will be award theBest White Wine, Best Red Wine, Best Fortified Wine and Best Liqueur of Península of Setúbal. This competition, has the participation of 23 wine producers of the region. This Wine Constest promotes the quality and excellency of several kind of wines that are produced on the Setúbal Region and the best in Portugal.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Portugal Dream Coast ® signs partinership with Câmara Municipal de Setúbal

Municipality of Setúbal choose Portugal Dream Coast ® to promote international through several digital channels several events.

The draft Portugal Coast Dream ® project began in January 2010 and has today a biggest dimension in the Digital World with 5 millhion views and a total more than 250 thousand people and business in more than 150 countries.

“It is with great joy that we were recognized by our work in disseminating Setúbal region worldwide, by the city of Setúbal. This partnership is now achieved a huge stake in the project we have been develop and will further benefit all persons, companies and institutions in the region and Portugal, in addition to the 95% of followers actively involved outside of Portugal. ” said João Lemos Cabral, CEO of Portugal Dream Coast ® that after several studies with different areas, conceived and implemented this project. More detailed information concerning to Portugal Dream Coast® partnership with Câmara Municipal de Setúbal .