Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Festival of Setúbal on May

Several entities joined forces and born the 1st Annual Music Festival of Setúbal that will happen during 3 days (27th, 28th and 29th May).

This event is the result of synergies between several local associations, schools, Setúbal Municipality and Helen Hamlyn Trust and shows that together,Setúbal generates more events and increment the tourism in the region.

Ian Ritchie, Artistic Director of the Festival and also director on City of London festival aims to perpetuate this great long-term event and says that the highlights of the program are three concerts of world class, which are : Pedro Caldeira Cabral and La Batalla, the Gulbenkian Choir and Pedro Carneiro Aries (born Azeitão) and the Goanese soprano Patricia Rozario Goan.

Throughout the three days, local bands, young musicians, children’s choirs and adult groups from the whole communty reveal their musical talents acting live or in workshops. Three days of amazing music in Setúbal at Portugal Dream Coast.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moita, a own gastronomy and heritage

Moita, located in the North of Setubal region is a place with a strong connection to river. Local restaurants have amazing dishes with eel plus other kind of fish dishes.

Besides the Gastronomy, Moita has a particular heritage, special religious. Locals have 20 kms of river coast to walk besides parks and gardens in several locations of the county.

Bullfighting ( local tradition since 1837), Tennis with an amazing infraestructure and Swimming pools are a most of the region, all for you at Portugal Dream Coast , Setubal Region. Check more information at Portugal Dream Coast website.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seixal, a place of history, gastronomy, tours and much more.

Seixal is a riverside area in Portugal Dream Coast with economical, cultural and social potential for tourism. Several activities like canoeing (several clubs and associations), Boat trips that is possible to participate (three unique boats, the oldest one is previous to 1914), Museums with expositions during all year.

Seixal has lots a biggest history, for example Quinta da Fidalga, founded on XV century where the brother of Vasco da Gama (Called Paulo da Gama) observe the construction of caravels that would be used on the Maritime Route do India discover.

With several restaurants, the gastronomy is amazing and was the Tagus River (know in portuguese has Rio Tejo) the main influence. Dishes like Fried Eel (Enguias Fritas) , Eel Stew (Ensopado de Enguias) among others area delicious for tourists and locals in Seixal . A place to visit during your weekend break or in your holidays. Travel to Portugal Dream Coast.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mother´s Day at Hotel do Sado

Hotel do Sado in Setúbal, will celebrate the Mother´s Day during May 1st . A unique family event that will have special moments between mother´s and kids. Among love, moments and conversations, Hotel do Sado proposal is a lunch with fantastic dishes like Shrimp with Risotto, Basil and Tomatoes and Popletes of Pork with Pineapple Skewers Grilled and of course delicious desserts.

The Mother´s day begun on Greek mythology to celebrate the beginning of the Spring in Honor of Rhea, Gods Mother.

Besides this moment, you will have breathtaking view of Sado River, Setúbal and Arrabida from Hotel do Sado. More information concerning to Mother´s Day event at Hotel do Sado, feel free to contact through their hotline (+351) 265 542 800 or email

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scuba Dive at Setubal Region

Portugal Dream Coast has amazing places to Scuba Dive on Atlantic Ocean. Most of the beaches have EU blue flag, which is a quality certification of the water on the Setúbal Region.

The divers we spoke, advices a suit from 5 to 7 mm , wet or semi dry ones. More deep or more west you go (away from the coast) you will have coolest temperatures in the water on Atlantic Ocean, in this area.

Underwater, you have a maximum visibility of 15 metres and a water temperatura between 13 ans 24º Celsius degrees (from 55 to 75 Fahrenaight).

If you would like to receive more information concerning to this activity, feel free to contact us thrugh our contact form at Portugal Dream Coast website.

Friday, April 15, 2011

18 Beaches to Surf on Portugal Dream Coast.

We search, we found, we can easily say that Portugal Dream Coast is a region with amazing conditions for surfers and their favourite sport... Surf!

After some research, pics and talks we can tell you that we have 18 amazing beaches to practise Surf. Do you want to know which are ? Near Sines, you have Praia de São Torpes, Sanguessuga, Burrinho and Porto Covo (the most South Beach in Setubal District). To the North you have Costa da Caparica, Praia da Saúde and Fonte da Telha. Do you want to know the other 12 beaches? Visit us on Portugal Dream Coast.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Karting on Portugal Dream Coast

Setubal region has two amazing tracks to practise Karting. Do you like motor sports? Welcome to velocity ... adrelanine ... acceleration ... brakess... We are proud to say that on the Portugal Dream Coast we have two international tracks where you can have wonderful moments.

Located in Palmela and Vila Nova de Santo André both tracks have excellent conditions to the karters. Individual or in groups both had also national competition or regional trophies during all year. In Palmela with a length of 1270 metres and a constant width of 10 metres you have also great facilities like restaurant, health center, museum and can participate in many other local activities.

In Vila Nova de Santa André, (Track length . 1020 metres, constant track width 8 metres) have also similar conditions to Palmela. Both tracks are equipped with karts for kids, than can easily learn how to drive. Portugal Dream Coast is amazing! Go ! Go!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deolinda at Setubal Region in Seixal

Deolinda will perform once at Peninsula of Setúbal in Seixal, on next April 24th on Praça 1º de Maio. After the big sucess of "Que Parva que sou" huge performances at Coliseu Porto and Coliseu de Lisboa, they will make a unique gig on Setúbal region of their national tour. Besides Portugal, they will also travel to Spain for one concert only. Their World Music had already excellent international reviews, they were considered one of the 10 best albuns by The Sunday Times during 2010. Setúbal region and Seixal will receive one of the biggest acts in Portugal. Welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

Friday, April 8, 2011

60 prizes of Hands on Approach to give !

Hands on Approach will perform on 7th May at 10:30pm in Tróia. They are promoting the last Album called "Hign & Above" which is the (upsss... we cannot say it)th Album of the band.

Portugal Dream Coast has 60 prizes to give away, all from Hands on Approach. Do you imagine to be present at Backstage ?? Yes we have 20 cards to give you and talk a little bit with the members of the band before the concert.

What are the prizes ? We have 20 autographed "High & Above" albuns, 20 exclusive cards to backstage and last, but not least, 20 tickets to the concert! What you must do? Answer to 4 simple questions that fans of Hands on Approach will certainly know. Enter Contest, clicking here !

More information concerning to the concert (tickets and boats), click here. Another great show on Portugal Dream Coast, Yours in Setúbal !

Culture on Portugal Dream Coast

If you love Vocals Music, you will love The Quintet Vocal Vox Cantatis which will perform on next April 16 on Quinta do Conde at Loja Ond@jovem. They sing Acapella into Renaissance and Barroque eras.

Another great event will be on the Church Nossa Senhora da Consolação in Sesimbra Castle. Sónia Alcobaça (soprano) and Ana Jacobetti (piano) will perform next April 17th famous eras of Opera.

Here are two amazing suggestions of culture on Portugal Dream Coast in Sesimbra and Quinta do Conde, only for you. Both events are free entry.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BIGPlanet is Green! Make your test-drive

BIGPlanet located on Av. Luisa Todi in Setubal at Portugal Dream Coast will give the opportunity to make a test for those who visit them on MOBI.E International Program Rodshow. During 8th and 9th April, you can make a test-drive to eboards, bicycles and scooters without fuel, electricity only. BIGPlanet is growing for his innovative products and representations. Setubal have already several points of MOBI.E where you can charge the batteries. Try this amazing sensations, contribute to a green planet , be at the BIGPlanet .