Sunday, April 18, 2010

150 years that Setúbal was elevated to a city

On the 19th April 2010 Setúbal commemorates 150 years that was elevated to a city.

Setúbal was born from the river and the sea and became one of Portugal's most important commercial and industrial centres in the 19th century. It was elevated to a city in 1860 by King Pedro V of Portugal.

Many events and celebrations are taking place, celebrating not only being elevated to a city but also all the years of history that runs trough Setubal streets. In fact, if you go for a walk here, you're able to breathe and feel its history.

Amongst other places you can visit the main historical monument of the city of Setúbal that is the Monastery of Jesus, with a 15th-16th century church that represents one of the first buildings in the Portuguese late Gothic style known as Manueline.

Also of interest are the São Julião Church, also with Manueline portals and The Castelo de São Filipe, a 16th-17th century fortress on the north bank of the Sado river, overseeing the city. More recent, you can also see in Setúbal the
Escola Superior de Educação, a great building of Architecture designed by the world-renowned Portuguese Architect Siza Vieira.

Notable residents of the city of Setúbal are
Bocage, a satirical poet, Luisa Todi, a classical singer, and José Mourinho, world famous football coach, currently coaching the team F.C. Internazionale Milano in Italy.

Watch the video in a tribute from Portugal Dream Coast to Setúbal:

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