Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gourmet Fish Festival in Setúbal

Setúbal is well-known for its gourmet dishes and delicacies, and is considered by many to be the main location in the world to eat fish dishes. If you travel here, join us from today and until Sunday on the "Gourmet Fish Festival" taking place in the region.

Here's the day-to-day program for the activities taking place in Setúbal and Tróia:

Thursday 01 July

From 6pm: Beninning of the festival, with presentations and a workshop regarding the fish and wine in the region of Setúbal.
9:30pm: Showcooking with the Spanish chef Sergio Perez.
10:30pm: Theatre presentations

Friday 02 July

1:30pm - Gourmet lunch "Wine and Cooking with chefs Sergio Perez (Spain) and Luís Lopes (Portugal)
From 18:30pm: Workshop about wine with Mário Louro
9pm: Showcooking with chef Chakall (Argentina)
23pm: Chill out - Covers Saxofone

Saturday 03 July

1pm: Showcooking with the chef Xavier Mathieu (France)
From 2:30pm: Several food workshops with an oyster tasting session
7:30pm: Showcooking with chef Gemelli (Portugal)
9pm: Gourmet dinner with chef Flávio Morganti (Italy)
Stand-up comedy
DJ Party

Sunday 04 July: Sweden, France, Italy and Spain between Setúbal

Wine and cooking with chef K C Wallberg (Sweden)
2pm: Lunch with all chefs (with Fado music being played)

At Tróia: Golf tournament "Viva o Peixe"
Boat trip in the Sado river

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