Thursday, March 24, 2011

European Championships 2011 in Comporta

The European Championships of Children 2011 will be at Comporta . The Categories under 14 (Children), under 18 (Juniors) and under 21 (Young Riders) will be in competitiojn during 7 days in July.

With 4 months of distance, just after Atlantic Tour 2011 Comporta will receive this biggest event on the Setubal Region. The organization estimates 300 riders and the equivalent number of horses during the European Championships.

With amazing landscapes at Portugal Dream Coast, Comporta is a wonderful place to your next summer vacations, with excellent conditions. If you have your summer vacations in July, besides the European Championship you have also amazing beaches, museums, Roman Ruins, Water Sports like Surf or kitesurfing, Golf and much more.

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