Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Juniors at European Championship Comporta 2011

The Equestrian European Championship Comporta 2011 already started yesterday and today was the first qualyfing day for the Juniors category. In the end of the day, the results was :

1. Caira Imfeld (Switzerland) / EYCUP
2. Alisa Danilova (Ukraine) / EYCUP
3. Eleonore Lambilliotte (Belgium)
4. Sven Hadley (Ireland)
5. Tim van de Oetelaar (Netherlands) / EYCUP
6. Lena Pollmann-Schweckhorst (Germany)
7. Derin Demersoy (Turkey) / EYCUP
8. Jessica Dimmock (United Kingdom)
8. Kendra Claricia Brinkop (Germany) / EYCUP
10. Katarzyna Bobrowska (Poland)

It was an amazing day at Comporta and Portugal Dream Coast, not to hot and amazing for this sport. Riders and families are mainly hosted at Troia hotels, near the wonderful ambient.

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