Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Montijo, also named of "Aldegallega" in Paleolitc

In the Setubal region, there is a city called Montijo that is envolved between the Tejo River and the rural landscapes making an amazing contrast of blue and green colors. First name was "aldegallega" and exist since Paleolitc .

Wine producers , wood and sault extraction were the main activities and supplied the portuguese capital (Lisbon) through small boats and special boats called "báteis" to transport wood.

What to see and do in Montijo? Walking tours, hunting reserves (mainly you can hunt wild boar and ducks), Museu , Historic Church of XVI century, amazing gastronomy (try Lamejinhas abertas ao natural ), crafts and several sports like rappel, climbing, allroad, slide, canoeing or balloon. Montijo, is a nice place to live in the Setubal region.

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