Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YOU will love Paintball in Setubal Region

Yes! We have Paintball in Setubal Region with different areas and scenarios, depending of your taste you can choose three points to play around Setubal.

Sesimbra, Setubal and Arrabida Natural Park are points that the lovers of this sport specially select according their tastes to play Paintball. Private group or a business group you can play around the nature on a 70.000 m2 field with woords, copses and forest, specially if you are thinking on a large scale game event till 200 people.

Masks, balls and gas bottles are provided and of course briefings concerning to security, game area, among other information. For the pleasure of game, animation between the members of the group, if you like this kind of games, love nature and you are searching a different weekend brake or organize something for YOUR summer vacations, can be an excellent option. Setubal, ir amazing!

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