Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Palmela 2011 - International Panoramic Photograpy Festival

Start today the conferencies concerning to Palmela 2011 - International Panoramic Photography Festival ( 1 / 4th June ). This is the first event organized in Europe and has the participation of international speakers and amazing people that is making a wonderful job with this photography techinique and equipament.

Speakers like Henry Stuart (The Royal Wedding Giga Pixel Panorama – Capturing the Moment, Over Many Moments!) , , AYRTON360 – PanoJournalism, Aaron Spence – Thinking Outside the Circle, John Kroll – Evolving architecture photography to VR architecture photography.

Today special attention to Marco Trezzini ( Aroundertouch The World at Your Fingertips), will talk about VR Panorama app, selected by Apple for the IPAD 2 launch plus iPhones. A perfect wedding, since the products of this international brand areaa huge success among photographers.

Ryan Whitehead ( The Nimmo Bay 360º Video Experience), Urs Krebs , will speak about Seitz Lab and their most recent projects. Roudshot and Seitz Labs keep designing and manufacturing equipment during the last 50 years. Omer Calev will speak about the experience and work of using panoramas to document people. Nicole Tung and Jason Barr will present “VR Photography in crime Scenes”. This last two professionals work with EST - Envinronmental Science & Research Ltd at New Zealand. Welcome all to Palmela, an amazing village to produce such big event. ( Conference ).

By the way, check the Gigapixel Challenge , it will have an amazing print size of 22 x 2,2 meters

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