Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tourists that travel to Setúbal Region and visit Azulejos de Azeitão

Tourists in a Workshop at Azulejos de AzeitãoAzulejos de Azeitao, Stretch the clayAzulejos de Azeitão, processAzulejos de Azeitão, ProcessMethod of Tile making at Azulejos de AzeitaoJapanese Tourist at Azulejos de Azeitão United States , Private Home made by Azulejos de AzeitãoBacalhoa Palace, 1940 - Azulejos de AzeitãoCaravels , Azulejos de AzeitaoTiles , Jar , XVIII Century, by Azulejos de AzeitãoComenda Palace, 1940, Landscape view from Comenda PalaceUnited States of America, Southampton , Private home, made by Azulejos de Azeitão United States of America, Private Home, Made Bt Azulejos de AzeitãoTiles from Bacalhoa - Azulejos de AzeitãoTiles from Bacalhoa XVI Century - Azulejos AzeitaoTourists learning the method process of TilesBorn a new Moorish tile

Azulejos de Azeitão uses the European traditional methods of tile making and reproduces antique design from European countries like France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and other , but also Islamic and Chinese.

We made an amazing photo gallery with several pictures from Azulejos de Azeitão with tourists from Germany, France, Spain working on their own draws and using their senses to discover the traditional method of production of company.

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