Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Commemorations of João Vaz's work in Setubal

On the 27th February at Casa da Baia is going to take place the exhibition and conference "João Vaz and Setubal", to commemorate the work of the deceased João Vaz, a well-known painting artist from Setubal.

If you're visiting Setubal and want to know more about this region this is an excellent opportunity, since the strong bond between this artist and Setubal is present in all of his works. Most of his beautiful paintings are landscapes of the region of Setubal: the salt marsh, the bay, Arrabida, but he also has some more urban paintings of the city as well.

João Vaz (1859-1931) had a very distinct technique and was one of the first painting artists using photographs. Surely an event not to miss.


  1. I live in Algarve but holiday in the Sado region ... we just love it there. Back up to the Pousada at Palmela again in April, were just there in January. Lovely to have a blog about it, keep up the good work you're doin'!

  2. Hi Sarah, good for you! And you probably know it already, but you can go on a boat trip in the Sado bay and watch dolphins in the wild while you're there on your holidays. A wonderful experience. ;)