Monday, February 22, 2010

The Moscatel of Setubal

Portugal is one of the most renowned producers of wine in the world, the country has a long tradition in winemaking, in fact, the history producing wine in this country comes from much earlier than the foundation of its Nationality. The well-known Portuguese wines include Port wine, Madeira wine, red wines, white wines, “vinho verde” and, of course, the moscatel (sherry), of a topaz with red undertones colour.

This large area of Setubal, influenced by the proximity of the sea, soil poverty and by low productions is the cradle of Moscatel. The Moscatel wine obtained from the Setubal peninsular region is constituted by the liqueurous casta or grape variety.

Pressed and wine brandy added then fermented with the skins over winter. Then aged 8 years on 200 litre barrels before bottled and shipped for sipping.

When you're visiting Setubal you must definitely try it!The taste is sweet and bitter at first, clear taste of figs and raisins with nuts and sunlight! Together with a hint of tannins on the mid palate. Back end is sugar and plum marmelade and a little pepper feel and also a dry feeling to balance all the sweet.

Tip: Try it with a chocolate dessert.


  1. I am a red wine lover, particularly of Portuguese red wine. I like to have Portuguese wine with Portuguese cheese along.

    However, I live in Washington, DC. Given the fact that there are very limited selections of Poruguese wine here, I am not really able to enjoy different kinds of Portuguese wine. Port wine, of course, can be found anywhere.

    I am currently planning my trip to Portugal in summer. I am quite pleased that I found this blog. Many thanks!!

  2. Hi there, thank you for your comment. Visit us in Setubal and you'll be very welcome here. :)

  3. "Then aged 8 years on 200 litre barrels before bottled and shipped for sipping."
    Isso era antigamente, que agora já é engarrafado com menos anos. O que a meu ver é mau. Fiz uma prova o ano passado de moscateis na JMF que vai ficar para sempre na minha memória.
    1975 roxo
    1959 roxo

  4. Sim, é verdade, as colheitas normais já não envelhecem os 8 anos. Mas alguns sim. Inclino-me mais para o Moscatel da Bacalhôa e da Ermelinda Freitas.

  5. I am currently sipping a 2002 Moscatel de Setubal. I got turned onto Moscatel while I was in Portugal in February. So many good Portuguese's a shame that in the US, you can only find Port and Vinho Verde.

  6. They're the best well-knowns Steve, but Portugal has many "hidden" treasures like the Moscatel, glad you found it :)

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