Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Karting on Portugal Dream Coast

Setubal region has two amazing tracks to practise Karting. Do you like motor sports? Welcome to velocity ... adrelanine ... acceleration ... brakess... We are proud to say that on the Portugal Dream Coast we have two international tracks where you can have wonderful moments.

Located in Palmela and Vila Nova de Santo André both tracks have excellent conditions to the karters. Individual or in groups both had also national competition or regional trophies during all year. In Palmela with a length of 1270 metres and a constant width of 10 metres you have also great facilities like restaurant, health center, museum and can participate in many other local activities.

In Vila Nova de Santa André, (Track length . 1020 metres, constant track width 8 metres) have also similar conditions to Palmela. Both tracks are equipped with karts for kids, than can easily learn how to drive. Portugal Dream Coast is amazing! Go ! Go!

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