Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Festival of Setúbal on May

Several entities joined forces and born the 1st Annual Music Festival of Setúbal that will happen during 3 days (27th, 28th and 29th May).

This event is the result of synergies between several local associations, schools, Setúbal Municipality and Helen Hamlyn Trust and shows that together,Setúbal generates more events and increment the tourism in the region.

Ian Ritchie, Artistic Director of the Festival and also director on City of London festival aims to perpetuate this great long-term event and says that the highlights of the program are three concerts of world class, which are : Pedro Caldeira Cabral and La Batalla, the Gulbenkian Choir and Pedro Carneiro Aries (born Azeitão) and the Goanese soprano Patricia Rozario Goan.

Throughout the three days, local bands, young musicians, children’s choirs and adult groups from the whole communty reveal their musical talents acting live or in workshops. Three days of amazing music in Setúbal at Portugal Dream Coast.

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