Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seixal, a place of history, gastronomy, tours and much more.

Seixal is a riverside area in Portugal Dream Coast with economical, cultural and social potential for tourism. Several activities like canoeing (several clubs and associations), Boat trips that is possible to participate (three unique boats, the oldest one is previous to 1914), Museums with expositions during all year.

Seixal has lots a biggest history, for example Quinta da Fidalga, founded on XV century where the brother of Vasco da Gama (Called Paulo da Gama) observe the construction of caravels that would be used on the Maritime Route do India discover.

With several restaurants, the gastronomy is amazing and was the Tagus River (know in portuguese has Rio Tejo) the main influence. Dishes like Fried Eel (Enguias Fritas) , Eel Stew (Ensopado de Enguias) among others area delicious for tourists and locals in Seixal . A place to visit during your weekend break or in your holidays. Travel to Portugal Dream Coast.

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