Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Electric Skateboards, funny and green relax at BiGPlanet

For participants or just for the curious, for those who like to walk through city and even on the field you should try a skateboard with an electric motor.

These electric skateboards work with a remote control assisted by an integrated braking system. With a word design and electric propulsion, take 3-4 hours to charge the battery (depending of the model). The are are four different products, that have a different range and speed, which can vary from 13 km to 25 km autonomy and from 15 km/h at 30 kms/h in terms of speed.

Love Skate ? You will love and Electric Skateboard. This products, contributes for a green environment and you can see them on BiGPlanet on the capital of Portugal Dream Coast , Setúbal.

BiGPlanet has also electric motos, electric cars and bycicles. They were recently at Mobi-E , with an amazing participation and actions where people could participate in Setúbal.

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