Monday, May 9, 2011

XI Wines Contest of Península of Setúbal

On the next 17th May, will be decided the prizes of XI Wines Contest Peninsula of Setúbal. The jury decided on 3rd May the evaluation and classification of red, white and rose wines of Península of Setúbal and the next stage will be evaluate and classificate the White wines, red wines, sparkling category DO Palmela and Setúbal fortified Wines and Moscatels Roxo.

Besides Gold and Silver Medal, it will be award theBest White Wine, Best Red Wine, Best Fortified Wine and Best Liqueur of Península of Setúbal. This competition, has the participation of 23 wine producers of the region. This Wine Constest promotes the quality and excellency of several kind of wines that are produced on the Setúbal Region and the best in Portugal.

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