Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Navy Day in Setúbal

The Arrival of Vasco da Gama Armada to Celecute will be celebrated in the city of Setúbal through the "Navy Day". Between 14th and 22nd May, Setúbal will ahve lots of events in the city in several places.

Largo José Afonso will have a fun space where people can interact with several aspects of military life in the Navy. The participants will have the opportunity to command a ship and event fly a Lynx Helicopter through an instaled simuator special for this occasion.

At Casa da Baía, it will have a exposition concerning to Portuguese Navy Activities. It will be possible to learn a lot more of the operational, cultural and scientific areas of the Navy.

On Auditório José Afonso, during May 20th, you can participate on the show that will play the Band of Portuguese Navy. At last, but not least, during 22nd May several events on the city of Setúbal , like : Church event of suffrage of Military, Military ceremony, skills demonstration at Sado River and a Marine Parade. The Navy Day in Setúbal will give you a chance to learn and participate on the Navy life.

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